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Arborist’s trolley

RS 220


TU 812


TU 811


TU 810


TU 701

Loopie Slings

TU 144

Double pulley

TU 431


TU 440

Lowering Device PORT-A-WRAP

TU 201

PROT 10 Work positioning ...


DR 2A Aluminium climbing ...


DR 3A Aluminium climbing ...


DR 4 Steel climbing spikes


DR 3 Steel climbing spikes


DR 2 Steel climbing spikes


DR 1 Steel climbing spikes


Chest ascenders

CD 202

Chest ascenders

CD 201

Handled ascender

CD 211

Handled ascender

CD 212

Small Rigging Plate

CD 401

Medium Rigging Plate

CD 402

Large Rigging Plate

CD 403

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TreeUP - Arborystyka, chirurgia drzew i sprzęt arborystyczny


The TREEUP brand is owned by PROTEKT, a company which has been on the market for over 25 years.

The PROTEKT Company is dedicated to equipment designed for arresting falls from heights. The company puts special emphasis on the safety and comfort of use of its products. Our equipment is used in many branches of economy, during work at heights, excavation works and in life-saving. We also offer elements of individual protective equipment for fall arresting – harnesses, safety energy absorbers, safety lanyards and structural fall arrest systems.

Combining the experience acquired over many years of manufacturing harnesses and equipment designed for industrial mountaineering with the commitment of our staff we decided to launch the PROVERTI brand, focused on manufacturing sport climbing harnesses and climbing equipment.

We are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality standards of our equipment. At the same time we are trying to keep the prices of our products attractive.
The expertise and high skills of our staff and a professional laboratory ensure the highest quality standards.

All our products have European Certificates, confirmed by foreign certifying bodies (i.e.: APAVE).