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The sole owner of this website, available at (hereinafter referred to as: „the Site”) is Grzegorz Łaszkiewicz who operates a business enterprise under the business name „PROTEKT” GRZEGORZ ŁASZKIEWICZ entered into the Central Registry and Information on Business of the Republic of Poland (PL-CEIDG) kept by the competent minister of economy, with an address of business operation and service address at: ul. Starorudzka 9, 93-403 Łódź, Tax ID: 8310001653, REGON: 471655302, electronic mail address: (hereinafter referred to as: „Treeup”, „Owner” or „Administrator”)


This Site is not an online store, therefore it is not possible to conclude a purchase-sale agreement through the Site (meaning that adverts, price lists and other information on products available on the Site are not to be treated as an offer, but as an invitation to conclude an agreement). An agreement can be concluded by sending a request to Treeup after agreeing on specific terms of the agreement by both parties – conclusion of such agreement and its specific terms are regulated by separate Treeup general terms of sale.

The Sole Owner is the Controller of personal data processed in connection with the execution of the Terms and Conditions. Personal data is processed for the purposes, in the scope and on the basis of rules indicated in the privacy policy published on the website. The privacy policy contains primarily rules for the processing of personal data by the Processor in the Website, including the basics, purposes and scope of the processing of personal data and the rights of persons to whom the personal data refers, as well as information on the use of cookie files and analytical tools in the website. Using the website is voluntary. Similarly, the provision of personal data by the Service User is voluntary, subject to the exceptions indicated in the privacy policy.


The Site is available for all Internet users. As a part of Treeup website, the company provides information on its business activity and its products.

For proper use of the Site, following requirements shall be met:

Use of the Site is free of charge. Use of the Site should be in conformity with the law, good manners, respect for personal goods, protection of personal data, the rights of the Administrator and other people using the Site as well as third parties, including copyrights and intellectual property rights. Any illegal activities resulting in impeding the functioning of the Site are forbidden. Providing illegal contents is forbidden.

You can stop using the Site at any time by closing the Site or the browser. If you wish to stop using the Customer’s Zone, please contact Treeup to have your account deleted.

In case of any problems or questions related to the Site or any other questions, please contact the Site’s owner:

Please give us the information (1) on the matter of your inquiry and your contact details (2). We will respond to your inquiry within 14 days.


The Site provides access to the following electronic services: contact form, web search and newsletter.

Use of the contact form is possible after providing on a tab “Contact Form” visible on the Site, an email address to which a reply from the Owner is supposed to be sent, a name, surname, telephone number and a content of a message and clicking the “Send” field.

The contact form electronic service is provided free of charge, is single-use in nature and is concluded upon sending a message via the form or upon earlier discontinuation of sending a message by the service user.

Use of the web search is possible on the main page,  after providing  the search phrase and clicking the action field. Using the web search is one-time and ends after using it.

Use of the Newsletter is possible after providing on a tab which is  visible on the Site: a name and an email address to next editions of a Newsletter are supposed to be sent and clicking the “Sign in ” field and then clicking in the confirmation link.

The Newsletter Online Service is provided free of charge for an indefinite time. The Service User as the option, at any time and without stating the cause, to unsubscribe from the Newsletter (resign from the Newsletter) by sending a corresponding request to the Service Provider, particularly via e-mail at the address: or in writing at the address: ul Starorudzka 9, 93-403 Łódź.


Copyrights and intellectual property rights to the Site as a whole as well as its contents, graphics, works, designs and trademarks available on the Site belong to the Owner or to authorized third parties and are therefore protected by copyrights and other provisions of applicable law. Personal use of the contents of the Site is permitted without restrictions. Use of the contents of the Site for other reasons requires Administrator’s or authorized third parties’ consent.


In case of any issues or questions regarding the use of our Site or any other questions, please contact the Owner of the Site: