PROTEKT company offers:

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    Equipment inspections
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    Fall protection safety trainings

PROTEKT company offers for its customers inspection services of fall protection equipment.

We offer:


periodic inspections

(annually or more often if required)


factory inspection

(after five years of product usage or earlier if needed).

Both periodic and factory inspections can be carried:


In our headquarters:

(equipment has to be send with filled in inspection sheet),

93-403 Lodz,
Starorudzka 9,


In other location indicated by customer

(filled in inspection sheet has to be send to our office including phone contact to agree all details).

Periodic inspections may be conducted also by a person authorized by the manufacturer or responsible for equipment in the company in which the product is used.

The person responsible for equipment should:

  • 1

    be properly authorized by the company’s manager or director to perform such responsibilities,

  • 2

    undergo training in the inspection of fall protection equipment.


Periodic inspections must be conducted in accordance with the instruction manual for particular elements compliant with EN 365 "Personal fall protection equipment". General instruction and labeling requirements

Fall protection safety trainings

PROTEKT company offers training regarding proper usage of fall protection equipment including maintenance and technical control of equipment. Our trainings are dedicated not only for end users who are obligated to do the basis control of the protecting equipment but also for people responsible in the company for the periodic maintenance of fall protection equipment.

We offer trainings in following areas:


methods and fall protection equipment during work at the height


organization of work at the height


legal and formal requirements for work at the height


proper usage of fall protection equipment